Intentional dialogue on unintentional art #1

Dialogue #1

Person X: It’s called modern art, but I like to call it modern waste. I understand the concept but it’s not art at all. However if you do it right, it can evolve into something of actual use, feng shui. Which is art, in style of building and decorating a home to look and feel as cozy as possible. Being in china right now, the way they build & decorate houses here is so many levels of thinking above how we do it in the west that I can see it as works of art (both inside and outside). But modern art? Who do you guys think you’re kidding?

UAM: Architecture is intentional. Feng Shui is very intentional, a very active, rational way of intervening with the environment. So I guess you do not understand the concept. In a way it is modern waste though. But perhaps we should conclude that intentional conceptual art is modern waste as well. Perhaps.

Person X: No I do understand. You’re talking about the doodle version of modern art. It can accidentally look good or not. Intentional conceptual art is not waste, it’s art.

A) Waste can be art
B) If it looks good or not is not the point of unintentional art. So you are missing   A if not THE point.
C) The unintentional part of unintentional art is not about doing something unintentional, it’s about something being art or artful without the intent of being made as an object of art. You seem to focus on unintential as just coming up with something, for instance, throwing six spoons together and calling it art.