Landing Bird


“Landing Bird” is a strong visual work, defined by a striking simplicity when it comes to the chosen material, but a complex interaction with its environment and the meaning of the artwork.

The artwork features a piece of black plastic, playfully jammed in a leafless tree, standing in a desolate Lowland landscape. From a distance the spectator might be deceived into thinking it is a big, black bird. Is it a raven? A crow? A jackdaw perhaps? The spastic and inconsistent movement, caused by the strong wind, draw the attention of walkers or other random spectators.

The use of plastic is of course not a coincidence, despite the artwork itself being very unintentional. It is a strong allusion on the pollution of our planet and our direct environment. It alludes to the plastic soup in our oceans, as well as air pollution, symbolized by the waving piece of plastic. The “Landing Bird” has a clear double message. Pollution is everywhere and it’s killing of biodiversity and is threatening fauna and flora on our planet.

The black colour adds an element of danger or ill-fate. For centuries the black bird has been seen as a symbol of evil, a harbinger of bad news, a storm crow. Cleverly, this universal representation of hazard is present in the work. And here the landing bird is composed of the thing we should be afraid of, the disintegration of our natural environment by our own garbage, caused by overconsumption and general carelessness.

“Landing  Bird” is an example of a temporary artwork. We do not know if it will stay, it can easily be blown away.